Package AC

What is Package AC??
Varying a wide capacity range, Packaged Rooftop Units have been exclusively designed mainly for large spaces such as shopping malls, conference and cinema halls, warehouses, etc. produced for quick installation, low operating costs, and the flexibility of cooling, heating, and pressure options, and more to discover. Advanced control options also provide flexibility and signify connectivity and intelligence to the whole building management system having the controls embedded and can communicate seamlessly to all control systems. On-board controls support the entire network, including fault detection and support proactive maintenance and minimize downtime of the system for business continuity as well as the best efficiency, extended equipment life, and reduced operating costs.

Roof Top Package Air Conditioners

• Flexible Package Air Conditioning Solutions
• High Energy Efficient Roof Top Package Air Conditioners
• Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant
• Gas Fired Condensing Heating Option
• Three-Step Capacity Control by Uneven Cooling / Heating
• Advanced Microprocessor Control

Compactness with Well-Qualified Air

• Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality, and Comfort
• Wide and Versatile Range
• Integrated Free Cooling Options
• Energy Saving Solutions for All Commercial Buildings.

Central air conditioning is an air conditioning unit with a relatively high capacity. This unit consists of one large size piece that includes all parts of the air conditioning system such as “evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, condenser, fans and other complements of the refrigeration circuit.” These units are usually placed in a completely ventilated place in order to emit heat and the sound of the unit when it is operated “above the roof of the building.” The air is transferred from the unit to the place to be conditioned through the air ducts (ducts).

Central air conditioning installation requirements!!

• Each of the air conditioning systems
"central air conditioning, hidden air conditioning, cassette air conditioning, wheeled air conditioning, and desert air conditioning" has architectural and construction requirements that must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate air conditioning system.
• In the central air-conditioning system, ceiling holes must be marked in concrete before pouring, and they are the vertical openings through which air ducts "duct" pass
• And also marking the openings of the walls for the passage of horizontal air ducts, making sure that they do not conflict with the fallen bridges.
• The central air-conditioning unit needs a suitable open space in the building.
• Designation of a high-power electric line (3 phase).
• Air ducts occupy space in the false ceiling and must be taken into account when designing.

Central air conditioning installations!!

• The central air conditioner unit is provided with two lines of ductwork
• The air-conditioned supply line is called (Supply) and it is insulated.
• The return airline is called (Return) and is also isolated, and it is connected to the air mixing unit (Mix Box), which mixes the return air with a percentage of the outside air (Fresh Air) in order to renew the air of the place to be conditioned.
• A silencer is installed at the outlet of the unit to absorb the noise generated by the unit.

Features of central air conditioning!!

• High cooling capacity.
• It is now possible to adapt huge spaces with one high-capacity device.
• The designer can isolate the main unit completely from the interior spaces of the building and thus get rid of its sound.
• Permanent air renewal because it contains the Mix Box and works to mix the return air with a certain percentage of the outside air.
• Maintenance work is carried out outside the building.

Where to use central air conditioning!!

• Central air conditioning is used in many applications and wide and open places such as "administrative buildings, large halls, banks, airports, commercial centers, and other applications"
• It is also used in "villas and palaces" and some customers prefer it since its maintenance work is carried out outside the building.

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