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Fire Fighting System

Pump House & Fire Pumps

MCC has a complete range of dedicated fire pumps designed and made in-house. All pumps are initially made for the Fire system with carefully selected high-grade materials. Low weight and compact design are typical features together with high efficiency and good suction performance. 

MCC is a leader in fire protection systems in the Saudi market. Our protection systems are dedicated to protecting each Property and the people, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to select and install the right system for each application according to international standards.

The systems we supply are installed and maintained, automatic sprinkler system, hose reel system, fire hydrant system, fire spray system, and foam system. Whatever your business, wherever you work, Magna Contracting Company is a partner to protect you and your property from fire hazards. All our works are as per the NFPA and Civil Defense requirements.

fire pumps

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