Multistage Evaporative AC AIR2O

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Air2O technology utilizes a two-stage evaporative cooling solution – in the first stage, outdoor air is passed through the Heat Rejecter section of the unit, which houses an evaporative cooling system optimized to cool water. As the warm air passes the wet media, some water is evaporated and the resulting enthalpy change cools the water.

This cooled water is then transferred to a high-efficiency heat exchanger within the supply section of the unit, over which the primary supply air is passed, to deliver the first stage of cooling with no added moisture -Indirect Evaporative Cooling. The air is further cooled as it passes the second cooling stage – Direct Evaporative Cooling.

Multi-stage evaporative conditioning system!!

It is a water evaporative cooling system, which cools the air in “hot and dry” areas by contacting the air with water in two stages (indirect and direct). In the first "indirect" stage, the outside air (Fresh Air 100%) is drawn and passed through a cold-water heat exchanger, resulting in the cooling of dry air without the air in contact with the water and without adding moisture. Then, in the second “direct” stage, the air produced from the first stage is passed over a water-saturated medium with special specifications to bring out the air with more coolness and an appropriate humidity.

Its Features!!

It saves electricity by more than 80% than other systems that operate with compressors and Freon. The air-cooling capacity reaches 15 degrees Celsius without any increase in electricity consumption, and without any influence on the outside temperature. Providing the place with completely new, healthy air (Fresh Air 100%) and not recycled, with the required percentage of humidity. Cooling open spaces and large spaces, as well as indoor spaces. Control of temperature, humidity and air speed through internal and external sensors. Reducing the ingress of dust in the place, as in the normal desert air conditioner, due to the presence of several filters in the two stages.


High prices, as its cost is close to the price of central air conditioning. Periodic maintenance as there are many water level sensors, pumps, and filters, each of which needs periodic follow-up.

Where to use it!!

It can be used in homes, offices, and various closed places, taking into account the work of mechanical or natural ventilation, by opening doors and windows, because there is no return air, like the normal desert air conditioner. Commercial complexes, squares, stadiums, factories, warehouses, restaurants, and all places with large areas that need low temperatures.

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